To Start...

Olives £3.5

Pigs in Blankets £4

Mozzy Sticks £5
Topped with a fresh homemade Tzatziki & Pomegranate Seeds

Invicta Wings £5
Four great big juicy Chicken Wings served with BBQ or Buffalo Sauce

Popcorn Shrimp £6
Served with a Zesty Aioli

To Follow...

All of our burgers are served in a Brioche Bun with a Salad Garnish, Skin On Fries & Homemade Slaw

Skinny option - Replace your bun & fries for a fresh side salad for no extra charge.

Add an extra beef patty or chicken breast for £3

Invicta Burger £12
Beef Patty, in house Burger Mayo, Smoked Bacon & Emmental Cheese

Chicken Ting £12
Cajun grilled Chicken Breast, in house Burger Mayo & Emmental Cheese

3 Little Pigs £15
BBQ Pulled Pork, Smoked Crispy Bacon, Piggy in his Blanket & Mustard Mayo

Patty The Greek £12
Homemade juicy Lamb Burger served with a fresh Tomato Salsa & Tzatziki

Ha-Woo-Me £9
Grilled Halloumi topped with a Mint & Pomegranate Sauce

The Codfather £12
Hand battered fillets of Cod topped with a Zesty Aioli

The Aid Lewis £18
Beef Patty, Grilled Chicken Breast, Pulled Pork, Emmental Cheese & in house Burger Mayo


Skin-On or Cajun Fries £3.5
Homemade Onion Rings £3.5
Cheesy Chive & Bacon Fries £4.5
Homemade Slaw £3
House Salad £4