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Kitchen Opening Hours

Everyday 12 noon until 9pm


Hamburger - £5

Single Smashed Beef Patty with Ketchup & American Mustard in a Brioche Bun

Cheeseburger - £6

Single Smashed Beef Patty, American cheese, Burger Sauce & Lettuce in a Brioche Bun

Chicken Burger - £8

Our Own Special Recipe Dusted Chicken Breast Served with Lettuce and Creamy Mayonnaise in a Brioche Bun.

Oinker - £10

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Smothered in a BBQ glaze, Served with Housemade Apple Slaw in a Brioche Bun.

Mushroom Double Swiss - £10

Double Smashed Pure Beef Patties, Butter Basted Mushrooms & Swiss Cheese in a Brioche Bun.

Sloppy Joe - £10

Double Smashed Beef Patties Piled High with Chilli & Melted American Cheese in a Brioche Bun.

Buffalo Chicken Sizzler - £10

Dusted Chicken Breast, Homemade Hot & Blue Cheese Sauces,Red Slaw all Served in a Brioche Bun.

Oink & Moo - £14

Double Smashed Beef Patties Covered in Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce and Topped with Creamy Apple Slaw.

Double Bacon & Cheese - £10

Double Smashed Pure Beef Patties,4 Rashers of Streaky Bacon, BBQ Sauce in a Brioche Bun.

Brisket Burger - £14

Slow Cooked Brisket Served with a Smashed Beef Patty, on a Bed of Rocket and Horseradish Mayo.

Add to your burger

Smashed Beef Patty Each (Max6) - £2.5

Special Recipe Chicken - £3

Bacon - £2

Mac & Cheese - £2

American Cheese - £1

Guacamole - £1.5

Fried Onions/Jalapenos/Frickles - £1

Light Bites

Mozarella Sticks - £6

With Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Halloumi Fries - £6

With Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Popcorn Shrimp - £8

With Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Chicken Wings (GF) (8 Wings)  - £8

A Choice of BBQ Glazed, Hot or Salt and Pepper

Mac & Cheese - £5

Extra Cheesy Macaroni with a Golden Crust

Add Bacon for just £2

Fries (GF) - £3.50

With our own Chip Seasoning

Cheesy Fries (GF) - £4.50

Smothered in Melted Mature Cheddar

Frickles (GF) - £3/£5

Deep Fried Crispy Coated Sliced pickles with Blue Cheese Dip

Crispy Hals (GF) - £1.50/£3

Deep Fried Crispy Coated Sliced Jalapenos

Creamy Apple Slaw - £3

Homemade Slaw with Fresh Apple Slices

Onion Rings - £4

Giant Beer Battered Onion Rings

Trash Browns (NEW!) - £5

Tater Tots Smothered in Hot & Cheese Sauces

Load Your Trash Browns with Pork or Brisket for JUST £4 extra

For One

Loaded Pulled Pork Fries - £8

Pulled-Pork to top your fries. All smothered with BBQ sauce, American Mustard & Crispy Hals

Loaded Chilli Fries - £8

Homemade Chilli to top your fries. All smothered with BBQ sauce, American Mustard & Crispy Hals

Korean Style Pork Tacos - £8

Spiced Pork & Red Slaw on a Mini Tortilla (3)

Subs (New)

Served with a Side of Fries
All Also Available as a Gluten Free Option

Philly Cheese Steak Sub - £7

Ground Steak Mince, American Cheese, Pickle & Lettuce Served in a Soft Sub

Po-Boy - £7

Deep Fried Breaded Prawns, Tartar Sauce & Lettuce Served in a Soft Sub

Porkies Revenge - £7

Slow Cooked Shredded Pork, with BBQ Sauce, Red Slaw Served in a Soft Sub

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - £7

Chicken Breast, Swiss Cheese, Rocket & Mayo Served in a Soft Sub

Ultimate Cheese Sub - £6

Cheddar, Swiss & American cheese Filled Soft Sub, Gooey Cheese Heaven


Pulled Jackfruit Burger - £8

Pulled BBQ Jackfruit, loaded with a Homemade Creamy Apple Slaw on a Brioche Bun


The Imposter - £9

Mouth-Meltingly Meaty Vegan Burger Served in a Vegan Bun With Lettuce, Red Slaw, Pink Pickled Onions & Vegan Mayo

Sheeze Burger - £9

A Vegan Bun Stacked with a Mouth-Watering Meaty Vegan Burger, Sheeze, Lettuce and a Special Homemade Vegan Sauce

Jack and the Beanstalk - £10

Plant Based Burger Topped with BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Served in a Vegan Bun

Spicy Jackos- £8

Spicy Pulled Jackfruit & Red Slaw on a Mini Tortilla (3)

BBQ Jackfruit Loaded Fries for one person - £8

Spicy Pulled Jackfruit & Red Slaw on a Mini Tortilla (3)


Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake - £6

Topped with Biscoff Spread & Crumb, Served with Ice Cream

Vegan Cheesecake - £6

Lentil Dairy Free Cheesecake Served with Vegan Ice Cream

Rich Chocolate Brownie - £6

Millionaire Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Sticky Toffee Pud - £6

Sticky Toffee Square Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bowl - £3

A choice of Vanilla, Honeycomb, Salted Caramel or Chocolate

Soft Drinks

Orange Juice - £2.50

Apple Juice - £2.50

Cranberry Juice - £2.50

Water - £1.70

Sparkling Water - £1.70

Coca-Cola - £2.50/£1.40

Coca-Cola Zero - £2.50

Ginger Beer - £2.50

Ginger Ale - £2

Rose Lemonade - £2.50

Traditional Lemonade - £2.50

Lemonade Mini Can - £1.20

Soda - £1

Tonic/ Slimline Tonic - £1.50

Coffee & Hot Drinks


Regular £2 

Large £2.80

Flat White

Regular £2.20

Large £3


Regular £2.20

Large £3


Regular £2.40

Large £3.20


Regular £1.80

Large £2.20

Fruit Tea

Regular £2

Large £2.80

Hot Chocolate

Regular £2.40

Large £3.20